Sarcastic, satirical, smart, social media savant, and shameless. These "S" alliterations comprise of Marcus' comedic style. The by-product of rural Maine upbringings, Filipino parenting, TV addiction, post college debt depression, and an all too self aware Peter Pan syndrome. Marcus' youthful storytelling abilities and coming to grips with "adulting", social interactions, politics, stereotypes, pop culture, life, and relationships in the social media age is a freak show act of comedy you don't want to miss out on.

Marcus Cardona is a New York City based comedian, writer, actor, and producer who performs throughout the city. The Maine born Filipino-American comedian began performing in 2011, after forming the YouTube sketch comedy group, Pinetree Comedy. He has performed throughout New England, New York, and Canada. Currently, he is working on a book of poems, writing scripts, filming content, and auditioning for acting roles.